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How Do Thermal Label Printers Work? - POSpaper.com

How Do Thermal Label Printers Work?

If you’ve considered purchasing a thermal label printer for your business, you may have been surprised to learn that one of the perks of this product is that you don’t have to buy ink! So, if a thermal printer doesn’t use ink, how does it work? Let’s take a look at this convenient technology and how it makes the images that you ultimately see on your business. 

What is a Thermal Label Printer? 

Essentially, a thermal label printer prints labels, business receipts, and other things your business needs with the final product looking just as good – and sometimes better than a regular ink-based printer. However, instead of using ink, thermal label printers create images using a reaction fueled by heat. 

Thus, the key for a thermal label printer lies in the word thermal in the title. For businesses, thermal label printers allow them to save money on things like maintenance and repair as the printers have fewer working parts while also seeing much more rapid performance when looking for high-quality printing. 

How Do Thermal Label Printers Work? 

You are probably wondering how heat can produce images. Well, the answer to that lies in a special type of paper called POS paper. What makes POS paper special? The secret is in the heat-sensitive nature of the paper. POS paper has a specialized coating on it that turns black when it is heated. 

As the paper passes through the printer, highly specialized thermal print heads apply heat directly to the areas of the paper where printing is desired. This is done with a high degree of precision, allowing for the creation of very fine images. Since heat is used instead of ink, it is also a much quicker process, allowing for very rapid printing. 

The places where heat is applied cool virtually instantly, leaving well-printed labels. Thus, thermal label printers are a very popular choice for things like scannable barcodes, QR codes, vouchers, tickets, and receipts. They are used frequently in transport & logistics, healthcare, and retail among other industries. 

Does the Paper Matter? 

When working with thermal label printers, the paper certainly matters. After all, you definitely need POS paper that works effectively with your printer. However, even in addition to that, it is important that you have high-quality paper that fits your needs. 

Whether you are wanting ATM paper rolls, sticky back, mobile printer rolls, colored thermal paper, or some other item, POS Paper is the place to go for a wide variety of thermal printer paper in many different sizes. 

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