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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Thermal Paper Rolls & Cash Register Paper, Printer Ribbons, Paper Towels & More

At POSPaper.com, we get a lot of questions about our products, whether it's about the high quality of our thermal paper rolls, which products use plotter paper, how to use a price tag gun, or how to get great plastic shopping bags.

To help answer your questions, we've created our Frequently Asked Questions page. So whether you're wondering how to make a great set of guest checks, or you're thinking about what kind of thank you bags to get for your customers, we're hoping you'll find your answers here.

  • Q: How quickly can you ship my order?

    A: Orders of items such as credit card sales slips and thermal paper rolls are processed daily and most orders are shipped the same day. Orders received after 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) will be processed the following business day.

  • Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: Allow one to six business days for your order to arrive. Shipping times, even for popular items such as credit card imprinters or fanfold computer paper, vary depending on your location. Orders are shipped UPS Ground, unless instructed otherwise. For faster service, you can request 2nd Day Air Service or Next Day Air Service when you place your order.

  • Q: How are BACKORDERS Handled?

    A: Although we at POSPaper.com try to make sure all of the products you are purchasing are in stock, there are times when one or more of those items need to be backordered. We will ship the items we have on hand, and backorder the remainder of your order. You will not be charged shipping fees a second time on backordered products. Immediately after your backordered product becomes available, it will be sent to you.

  • Q: How can I track my order?

    A: If you did not receive an email confirmation with your tracking number, please email the customer service department at support@pospaper.com or call 1.877.469.7655.

  • Q: Will POSPaper.com accept checks over the phone?

    A: Yes, we will gladly accept your check over the phone. Please call 1.877.469.7655 and press option #1 for "Sales".

  • Q: How can I place an order without using the Internet?

    A: Rest assured that orders placed on our website are highly secure, whether it's for one roll of thermal cash register paper or several boxes of printer ribbons. However, if you are uncomfortable using your credit card on the Internet, you may phone in your order to 1.877.469.7655. You may also fax your order to us at 1.904.737.9022.

  • Q: Do you offer custom printed paper rolls?

    A: Yes, we offer custom printed paper rolls. From company logos to return policies we offer many options for your custom printing needs. If you would like more information on our custom printed products please email our Sales department at sales@pospaper.com or call 1.877.469.7655.

  • Q: Does POSPaper.com sell to resellers and will you blind ship my order to my customers?

    A: Yes, we sell to a large network of resellers, distributors, office supply houses, POS hardware and software companies and many other industry related corporations. We can blind ship and drop ship products directly to your customers and we will gladly list your name as the "shipper" if desired. We have plain, generic packaging for our reseller network.

  • Q: Do you offer discounts on large volume orders?

    A: If you would like to receive a quote for a large volume order, whether it's a thousand t-shirt bags or a large order of receipt paper rolls, please send an email with the products description, quantity of order and location the order will be shipped to sales@pospaper.com. One of our Sales Representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

    Thermal Paper Information
    Fast, quiet printing with exceptional graphics capabilities has promoted the rapid adoption of direct thermal technology for receipts within the point-of-sale industry. Innovative product solutions have paved the way for improved differentiation, security and tracking. Whether it is the use of products for highlighting item lines, thermal cash register paper, colored thermal paper, two color thermal paper receipts to give enhanced visibility and exceptional long life on critical receipts, we have the solutions that make better POS systems.

    As with all thermal applications the correct choice of paper is important to maximize the potential of thermal printing technology. The thermal paper rolls line of products provides the ultimate in long life receipts in addition to more paper on a standard roll for greater thermal printer efficiency. With unique anti-fading topcoat protection these POS receipts are resistant to handling and other materials that could affect the receipt. However, when thicker receipts are we carry a heavy thermal receipt that offers optimized cost and image quality for all situations.

    Shelf Life:
    Storage of thermal products in a dark place at a relative humidity between 45 percent and 65 percent and a temperature below 77F (25C) will assure satisfactory performance for at least three years from the date of manufacture.

    Image Life:
    Once thermal products have been imaged on the recommended equipment, the image will normally remain legible for at least seven years, assuming the documents are properly stored with compatible materials under normal filing conditions, with a relative humidity between 45 percent and 65 percent, as well as a temperature below 77F (25C).

    Fade Resistance:
    The coating used to manufacture thermal paper is slightly sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light and may exhibit some image decline with extended exposure to office light or shorter exposure to intense UV light. The stability of the image will depend upon the degree to which the image was originally developed, the individual product design, the intensity of the UV light and the character of UV (percent of UV range in a light source). Sheet discoloration may also occur with prolonged exposure to UV light.

    Contact Storage:
    We recommend that thermal grades not be exposed for long periods to certain vinyls, plastics, shrink wraps, adhesives, wet-toner copies or certain carbon papers.

    More Information About Direct Thermal Paper....
    Direct thermal paper is essentially a self contained printing system. It's manufactured by applying surface coatings to paper with a chemical formula that include colorless dyes and developers. When the paper goes through a thermal printer, heat (thermal energy) from the thermal printhead causes the dye and developer to activate and form a high definition image. The thermal printhead consists of a multitude of pixels (miniature heating elements) distributed along its printing width. Each pixel is electronically controlled to deliver the correct amount of energy to an exact location for an exact amount of time. Those individual points of energy together form the final image - text, graphics, and bar codes. Direct thermal paper is environmentally safe and fully recyclable.

    Thermal Paper & Printer Compatibility
    To achieve the maximum durability & life, a direct thermal image needs to be fully imaged (to the "saturated density point"). That means the energy level on a thermal printer must be compatible with the sensitivity level of the thermal paper. The energy level is determined by a combination of temperature and print speed.

    Physical Properties of Thermal Paper
    Thermal Printer OEMs have stringent specifications for their approved thermal papers. The paper must comply with the OEM's thermal paper specifications for the particular printer model being used. These specifications may include physical properties specifications of the paper, such as basis weight, caliper, smoothness, stiffness, and tear resistance. In addition, thermal paper is tested for image quality; printhead life test & cutting test (typically 100km); and thermal image durability testing.

    Durability of Thermal Paper
    It's important to determine that the characteristics (caliper, image life, durability) of the thermal paper are suitable for the application. Archivability and environmental resistance (or durability) depend on thermal chemistry - the life of any thermal image may be reduced by exposure to heat, humidity, excessive light or contact with chemicals such as plasticizers, oils, solvents, adhesives, water, and some printing inks.

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