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Crayons Box

If you prefer boxed restaurant crayons, we have two varieties. Choose either a box of 3 or a box of 4 premium quality crayons for your establishment.


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The crayons box is not just a fun accessory for kids, but also a valuable aid for their growth and development. As they use crayons to create artwork, they are required to think creatively and use their imaginations, which can help boost their problem-solving skills and overall cognitive growth. Using crayons can enhance cognitive development in children. In addition, coloring with crayons is an excellent way to help children...... Read More

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the wax and paper wraps are non-toxic and safe for children.

12 months and up.


Yes, they are designed to be easy to hold.

Yes, our crayons are used in schools and universities around the world.

Yes, please see the tiered quantity pricing on the product pages.