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Reseller Program

Imagine what we can achieve together

This program was created for resellers like you who are forward thinking, imaginative and driven to succeed. With this program, we've combined a wealth of sales and marketing resources with industry-leading support and education to deliver the most comprehensive partner program in the POS paper and ribbon industry. The Imagine Program is designed to meet the specific needs of all our reseller partners, so whether you're a independent broker, national distributor, or OEM, we're committed to providing you the resources you need to grow your revenue and profits in today's marketplace.

Focused on Your Success

The POSPaper.com Imagine Program offers you the resources and relationships you need to excel in today's competitive markets. Working together, we can create new opportunities and new solutions that will help you grow and increase your market share.

You are not just joining our reseller program, you're taking an important strategic step for your company. As an POSPaper.com Imagine partner, you will gain significant advantages that will help you grow your business, while providing the best products and services available to your customers.

...designed to meet the specific needs of all our reseller partners,"

...resellers have an opportunity to sell our products at a significant competitive advantage.

Imagine Advantages

  • Comprehensive resources and support programs
  • Significant revenue opportunities
  • Increased profitability
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • World class service and quality driven product line

Imagine Resellers and Distributors

By joining the POSPaper.com Imagine Reseller Program, resellers have an opportunity to sell our products at a significant competitive advantage. We support partners' sales efforts through a wide range of benefits, ongoing sales collaboration, promotion, education and training and technical support. POSPaper.com Imagine provides your company with the opportunity to:

  • Team with a market leader
  • Resell industry-leading products
  • Generic or private label packaging always available
  • Expand the breadth of your offerings to drive greater revenue
  • Leverage sales efforts in identifying opportunities and closing sales

To create a mutually beneficial business relationship, Imagine resellers (resellers and distributors) can qualify for different levels of pricing. Moving up from one level to the next brings greater benefits, rewards and recognition for your organization from POSPaper.com. These levels are based not only on revenue contributions, but in some cases may be based on quantity of products purchased or the value added component of the reseller/distributor.

In order for reseller and/or a distributor partner to qualify for higher levels of partnership, POSPaper.com has created a system that evaluates the following criteria:

  • Level of Revenue
  • Industry Contribution - the value a partner brings to market penetration
  • Primary Business Model - for example, provide POS systems integration or already have established customer base
  • Average order quantity and order frequency


You can order generic packaging without any branded logos/names on the packaging or we can create your own product box using your company logo (volume requirements may apply). We can also create custom box labels (using a plain, generic box) using your company logo and re-order information for most products. Build your brand identity and keep your customers coming back for more with our customized label program.

  • Private packaging and design services
  • Generic/plain packaging available
  • Custom box labels with company logo and re-order information available
  • Blind shipment packaging available