Our thermal paper products are available in a variety of options including 3 1/8" and 2 1/4" widths, colored and ATM paper rolls, sticky back and mobile printer rolls and custom printed rolls. We can provide your thermal paper solution today.

Thermal Paper Rolls

As one of the most cost-effective papers a business can use, thermal paper decreases overhead costs because it relies on a simple ink- and ribbon-free system. When used with your point of sale or ATM printer, our products deliver consistently high-quality printing that's quiet, accurate and quick. This innovative, fine paper is coated with an invisible layer of chemicals that changes color when it's exposed to heat, resulting in a highly accurate, crisp print time after time. The "inkless" paper allows you to serve your customers in an efficient manner without being forced to cut corners.

Our thermal receipt rolls come in a vast array of choices — including white single ply, multi-packs, BPA-free, colored and more — all designed to help you achieve the just-right function and aesthetic for your business. Because of the durable and high-quality construction of thermal paper, it can be used with ATM machines, cash registers, credit card machines, parking kiosks, mobile printers and any other device that’s used to deliver consistent, accurate proof of purchase. In addition to the high-heat technology, this ribbon free paper is treated to resist fading in UV light and safeguard against compromising liquid damage, ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the result.

For POS printing paper with an eco-friendly twist, explore our variety of BPA-free receipt paper and phenol free paper. Our BPA-free and phenol free rolls give you the sturdy and robust printing you rely on without harmful and toxic chemicals that can threaten your employees' and customers' health and well-being.

Reduced pricing for thermal paper rolls is available for bulk orders. Please contact our sales department at 1.877.469.7655 or email [email protected] for more information about our pallet pricing specials. Our pallet program is offered in most states and inside delivery is available if needed. We will always meet or beat any advertised price on the Internet!

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