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Business Supplies You Forgot You Need

Let’s face it – there are countless types of business supplies that you need. It can often be easy to forget a critical product in an order or to simply not be aware of something that would help your business flourish. With this in mind, let’s look at some business supplies that you simply forgot that you need. 


While staples may be a frequent purchase, staplers themselves can break or simply get misplaced. While a missing stapler won’t end as extremely as the movie Office Space, it is always good to have a few extras laying around the office to ensure everyone has the business supplies they need to do their job. 

Toilet Paper

Perhaps the worst thing to run out of for any business is toilet paper. This is particularly the case if you have a business where the public frequently uses your restrooms. Running low on toilet paper can send you sprinting to the store to overpay. Instead, include it with your regular order of business supplies to save. 

Menu Covers

Are the menus in your restaurant starting to get damaged and dingy? It may be time to invest in new menu covers to spruce things up. Fortunately, menu covers are an affordable way to help improve the look of your business without ruining your budget for restaurant supplies. 

UV Counterfeit Detector

Businesses lose a lot of money each year to fraud. Fortunately, businesses now have solutions such as the UV-16 counterfeit detector. This product is an excellent purchase for any business that takes cash. It can quickly become one of your most valuable business or restaurant supplies.

Guest Checks

Among the most critical restaurant supplies are guest checks. These are also supplies that can quickly run out without realizing them since you use one for every customer. This can be frustrating for servers as well as your entire billing process. 

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges last a very long time, so it is not surprising that businesses often do not realize they are low until they run out. Make a note to check your supply of ink cartridges before putting in your next order for business supplies. 


With an ongoing pandemic on our hands, businesses can go through masks very quickly. These products are no longer just the concern of the healthcare industry, but also frequently used in restaurants and businesses of all kinds. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever your need when it comes to business supplies, we have you covered with our extensive, easy-to-navigate catalog. Check it out today to stay up to date on your business supply needs. 

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