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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your POS Paper Roll

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your POS Paper Roll

       We understand the important role POS paper rolls play in ensuring uninterrupted business and efficient operations. You might be experiencing some hindrances using the POS machine; the problem might be from the POS paper roll. In this article, we'll look at the five key signs you need to look out for to replace your POS paper. 

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your POS Paper Roll

  1. Fading print quality

Decreasing print quality is one of the most obvious signs your POS paper need change. If your receipts is filled with faded ink prints, it is time to replace them with new ones. Using poor-quality paper or exposing it to heat and light will cause the print to fade. 

  1. Paper Jams

Most paper jams or feed issues clearly indicate that your POS paper has reached its limit. At the same time, the paper roll can collect dust and debris, hindering the movement of the printer. 

  1. Reduced roll diameter

Pay attention to the diameter of the POS paper roll. When the roll is finished, its diameter decreases. Reducing diameter is critical to shortages and can cause problems during printer loading and assembly. POSPaper.com offers a variety of roll sizes to fit different POSs, ensuring you have the right product for your setup.

  1. The Print density becomes inconsistent

Inconsistent printing of receipts is a clear indication of a damaged POS paper roll. This issue will cause sections to disappear or print boldly, affecting the overall appearance and readability of the receipt.

  1. There may be a lingering chemical smell

If you are getting a strong smell coming from your POS paper, it means the paper is damaged. This malfunction may occur due to heat, light, or environmental exposure. Persistent odors affect the customer and are a sign that the paper's integrity may be compromised. 

Now that you have identified the signs that you need to replace your POS roll, the next step is to change it confidently. POSPaper is your trusted partner, offering a wide range of POS paper rolls designed to meet the needs of businesses.

Why choose POSPaper for your POS Paper Roll Needs

  1. High Quality Guarantee
  1. Various sizes available: From standard thermal rolls to 2-layer carbonless rolls, we have various options for different POS printers and applications.
  1. Same-day shipping: Orders placed before our deadline have the convenience of same-day shipping. We understand the urgency of keeping your business running smoothly.
  1. Affordable Price
  1. Standby support and guidance

Final Thoughts

Knowing the signs that your POS paper rolls need replacing is crucial to making your sales process efficient and professional. Browse our paper catalogue, place your order today, and experience peace of mind, reliability and efficiency with every POSPaper paper roll. Improve your sales experience because your business deserves the best.

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