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4 Reasons Paper Receipts are Vital for Businesses: Digital vs. Paper Receipts - POSpaper.com

4 Reasons Paper Receipts are Vital for Businesses: Digital vs. Paper Receipts

Technology is rapidly advancing, and it seems like everyone is going digital. However, there is still value in paper receipts. Why should your business ensure that it still provides paper receipts? Let’s look at four of the reasons why paper receipts are still integral in today’s world. 


  • People Prefer Them


As the saying goes, you should strive to give the customers what they want. And they prefer paper receipts. Seven out of ten Americans prefer receiving a paper receipt, according to a recent survey of 24,000 people. There are many reasons people prefer paper receipts; however, 62% of those surveyed were concerned digital receipts would lead to more invasive marketing. 


  • Paper Receipts Are Reliable


While there are some benefits to digital receipts such as their sustainability, paper receipts are loved because they are reliable. It is challenging to change information from a paper receipt, particularly one printed using thermal paper. Thus, you can rest assured that paper receipts are trustworthy. Businesses can trust that receipts are unlikely to be fraudulently altered, which helps protect their bottom line. 


  • Fewer Security Issues


Have you ever wondered why ATMs always give paper receipts printed on thermal paper? The answer to this question ultimately comes down to security. Personal details listed on digital receipts are susceptible to hackers. However, if paper receipts are given instead, you can rest assured that your personal information is less likely to be accessed. With digital receipts, there is the possibility of personal details being intercepted when the receipt is being sent from the business to the customer, something that doesn’t happen with paper receipts. 


  • Paper Receipts are More Permanent


It is important to save your receipts, particularly for significant purchases or those that have warranties. This is easy with paper receipts as they can simply be stored at home using a simple filing system. While digital receipts may seem convenient, the reality is that they could easily go to junk mail, be accidentally deleted, or be infected with a computer virus, leading to them being lost forever. Losing a paper receipt is much more difficult, making it an important record. 

Final Thoughts

While digital receipts do have some benefits, paper receipts appear here to stay. Customers prefer them, they are permanent, and they are less likely to lead to security issues. Providing your customers' receipts printed on thermal paper is a great way to keep customers happy and maintain their trust. 


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