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Paper Rolls

Whatever your application, we have hundreds of sizes of paper rolls to meet your needs. Selections include ATM paper rolls, bond and carbonless, custom printed thermal receipt rolls, ultrasound and plotter/engineering paper rolls.


What Are Paper Rolls?

Paper rolls are an integral component for many commercial and industrial processes, being used for anything from printing to labeling, and several others. They are typically made from wood pulp, recycled paper, or a combination of both. These rolls come in various sizes, thicknesses, and quality to meet specific application requirements. The use of paper rolls has become ubiquitous in various industries due...... Read More

Frequently asked questions

At POSPaper.com, we sell thermal, bond and carbonless paper rolls for POS systems across the USA.

We only sell OEM recommended paper rolls at POSPaper.com.

No, thermal paper, bond paper and carbonless paper are all different grades of paper used for different applications.

Our thermal paper is rated to last up to 7 years if stored in the proper environment.

Yes, please see our compatibility charts on each paper roll’s product page for cross compatibility. If you don’t see your printed listed, please contact our sales department and someone can help you with this information.

Yes, in many cases our paper rolls are used in various industries but industry specific rolls are also available. Please contact our sales department at 1-877-469-7655 for more details.