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Why Use Custom Printed Receipts

A while back, a custom receipt was just a piece of paper used to confirm transactions if the customer wanted to return or exchange the purchased items. Today, customized receipts are becoming the norm as they now play a more significant role in the business.  

To give your business a boost, you can pre-print on POS System or Cash Register rolls, as well as Kiosk rolls, and ATM rolls, among others. Pre-printed receipt paper rolls involve more than just including a logo on the back of the receipts. Below are several creative ways that can help you make the most out of pre-printed receipt paper rolls.

1. Extending while elevating your brand

It is almost natural for people to get drawn to images and color in a world full of texts. Pre-printing your business information and logo not only looks great, but it also helps in the brand awareness campaign. Ensure to keep your business on top of the list in the customers’ minds all day by clearly providing your location, website, phone number, working hours, and any other helpful information. Apart from giving it a professional touch, it’s also a good way of putting your business out there past the POS. 


2. Offsetting Paper Costs

With custom receipt paper rolls, it is possible to use your business’ receipt to generate revenue. You can pre-print QR codes, promotions, and coupons that bring repeat sales for offsetting the costs of your receipt paper. The back of your custom receipt paper rolls can also act as ad spaces for other companies, generating some income. 


3. Do some promotions and branding

This is fast becoming an effective way of promoting your business locally using your receipts. You can share your rolls with local businesses that don’t apply as competitors and use the same receipt size. You can ask if you would use them while you offer to do the same.

Companies have also opted for a collaboration whereby they alternate each other’s ads and coupons, enabling them to share the cost for the printed rolls. The companies do not only expand their brand visibility to a bigger audience, but they also save money in the process. 


4. Customers can give out valuable information

Custom printed receipts can enable you to direct traffic to your website quickly and gather vital customer data. You can give a little motivation in the form of incentives such as coupons or discount codes for a review, sharing email addresses, or completing surveys. This is a productive way of collecting information from them while offering you a platform to engage with your customers and see what the market really entails.  


5. Give vital information to your customers

Ensure that your audience is well informed on where your business stands regarding exchanges, services, and refunds by adding disclaimers and return policies on the front or back of the receipts. There are very high chances they will get noticed since, as you already know, the customers will be taking the receipts with them. You can also include watermarks and security features on the pre-print rolls for a much-needed extra layer of protection.


6. Let your customers know that you are on social media

With 1.69 billion people subscribed to Facebook alone, it’s clear where social media stands in the current society. Increase your engagement on social media by making regular posts and sharing important information about your business and your offers. Be sure to share your social media details with links on the email receipts to encourage social sharing after a business is done.

Custom receipt rolls have proved to be an effective marketing platform for retail stores, convenience stores, banks, and gaming companies, among others. It doesn’t matter what industry you are plying your trade in; customizing your receipts with a custom receipt printer will positively impact your business.  

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