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Thermal Register Paper for Your Mobile Business - POSpaper.com

Thermal Register Paper for Your Mobile Business

How often do you hand your customers a paper receipt that’s full of ink? Do you then watch them as they stick that ink-filled paper in their wallet, purse, or pants pocket? Have you ever wondered what happens to that ink when it starts to bleed or fade? 

Look, running a mobile business means ensuring your customers receive a positive and uplifting experience. You might not think of it enough, but those receipts you hand out daily -- if not by the minute -- play a major role in that experience, both for you and the customer. 

In fact, many companies are currently doing it wrong with the use of traditional register paper and ink. It’s not a good look for your company and it sends the wrong message to the customer. Luckily, that’s where thermal register paper comes in to save the day!


So, what is thermal paper?


Thermal register paper is a unique type of paper that eliminates the need for ink. Instead, it utilizes the power of heat to give customers a clear and defined picture on the receipt. Since there’s no ink, you don’t run the risk of it bleeding or fading as time passes. 

Made famous by Texas Instruments in the mid-1960s -- to originally be used with the Silent 700 terminal -- thermal paper has only grown in popularity since. Today, it’s used in a wide range of retail stores, banks, ATMs, and even mobile businesses just like you!

There are three major layers involved -- the base, the precoat, and the thermal coat. The base is just normal paper, the precoat is a primer that ensures a smooth surface, and the thermal coat is responsible for displaying the image on the receipt before handing it to the customer. 

Most thermal paper today also consists of a topcoat or reverse coat. The addition of these layers helps improve the integrity and durability of the receipt. It’s the protective layer that keeps the receipt looking good for many years to come!


Is Thermal Register Paper Eco-Friendly?

One of the most common questions we get asked about thermal register paper is, “How eco-friendly is it -- if at all?” Especially in the consumer world we live in today, doing your part in keeping this environment healthy is extremely important -- for everyone involved!

Thermal paper often gets a bad reputation because it’s known to contain BPA, BPS, and other phenol-like chemicals that make it unrecyclable. Don’t worry, there’s good news here because recently technology and composition changes have allowed for a more clean thermal paper. 

For example, we offer thermal paper that’s BPA-free, as well as thermal paper that’s phenol-free (BPA-free and BPS-free). With an inside core that’s made of recyclable materials as well, you can rest easy knowing you’re not hurting the wonderful environment we all call home.

And that’s not all! We also offer thermal paper rolls in two different sizes (58mm and 80mm), thermal paper with a sticky back, colored thermal paper rolls, thermal paper sheets, custom printed paper rolls, and ATM receipt paper. You can even purchase your thermal paper rolls wholesale!

To learn more about thermal paper and all the different options you have at your disposal, contact POS Paper today. We can’t wait to enhance the experience your customers receive on a daily basis -- as well as make your life much easier and less expensive! 

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