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The Importance of Using POS Paper Rolls for Your Business - POSpaper.com

The Importance of Using POS Paper Rolls for Your Business

Let's start by defining what POS is. POS stands for Point of Sales System and is where customers pay for the products or services your store offers. In other words, each time a customer pays for any service or product, they are completing a Point of Sales transaction. POS integrates both hardware and software systems that allow you to track payment and make informed buying decisions. POS machines come with paper rolls. After swiping your card in the POS machine, the paper gets printed with all the transaction's financial details. Currently, many companies produce POS machines. However, you must be sure that you are getting quality paper from a reputable POS roll manufacturer. You can count on POS Paper to provide you with high-quality thermal paper rolls. 

The Importance of POS Paper Rolls

  1. Simple to Use

There's not much you need to know to work with POS paper rolls, apart from the thermal printer and computer. All systems have to be integrated starting from the computer's operating system, the printer, and the POS roll so that as the transaction is complete, the printed roll snaps right out.

  1. Maintains Transparency 

Conventional pre-printed receipt books have loopholes that can be exploited when it comes to billing. A sales agent could get a separate receipt book and inflate prices leaving the sales clerk with more money. The POS roll machine eliminates this fraud. As all operations are automated, there is no chance that the sales rep can duplicate receipt books, and actual revenue will be what is captured and recorded in the database. Everyone's sales accounts will balance.

  1. Comes in a Variety

There are wide varieties of POS paper rolls to choose from. Ideally, a manufacturer can customize rolls according to their intended use. Among the most used POS roll papers are thermal papers.

You have a wide range of POS paper roll sizes you can use, from 32mm to 80mm. The size picked depends on the intended use. For instance, the 80mm roll is ideal for restaurants and supermarkets as they require lots more detail printed onto it. At POS Paper, we offer various sizes for our clients to choose from. 


The POS Paper Rolls Come in Various Colors

You also have a broad palette of POS paper rolls ranging from white, blue, or pink. White is the most used paper roll in industries.


Some of the Most Important Features of the POS System Include:

Touch Screen Display

From the start, you have to consider which display and interface to use, touch screen, or not. Most are based on touch screens because they are straightforward, even for a novice. After all, the interface is interactive and intuitive. They also speed up waiting times in the retail sector as well as the food service industry.  However, the display can be interfered with by spills, rough handling, or normal wear.

An Up-to-Date Interface

You have to ensure the interface is up to date and is compatible with devices that are generally not part of the system, such as PCs, scales, and scanners. One could opt for LAN interfaces to scale up operations since they allow seamless communication between multiple POS systems. Networking opens options for processing, office PCs, device sharing, and remote support as well. Don't forget to check that the POS comes with USB, LAN, and RS232 interfaces.

How do you check the quality of a POS Thermal Paper Roll?

Thermal paper is unlike bond paper, which uses ink to make markings on it. The science behind the thermal paper is the physical properties of it that makes it reactive to heat. As the heated print head streaks the paper, it leaves marks corresponding to what is desired. Thermal paper is available in different grades, each with varying price tags.

  1. Check its Thickness

A lot of POS paper ranges from 2.4 to 3.3 mils. The thicker it is, the pricier it gets, less crinkly, and smoother to touch. While quality paper comes with a hefty tag, business owners need to balance quality and value. We, POS Paper, prioritize quality over everything. It might seem a good idea to cut costs, but the cheaper paper is harder to print and can jam the printer.

  1. The Physical Dimensions

Thermal paper is sold in rolls, and there are different roll sizes, each designated to fit a suitable POS printer. Some sizes are used more than others, but you should be sure of your preferred dimensions before purchasing the paper. In the USA, dimensions are given as [paper width] x [roll length].

  1. Check the Sensitivity

POS paper rolls come in different dimensions. As a general rule, paper rolls can have the same dimensions, but sensitivity will differ. The quality of the final print is hinged on the physical coating of the paper. Higher-resolution coatings are generally expensive.

  1. Image Degradability

As sensitivity and paper chemistry varies, you will use some thermal papers based on your expected outcome. As expected, the thermal paper will react to heat, but some papers are also sensitive to light, plastic, lotion, or water.

How to Check the Size of Your Paper

After you find the excellent paper quality, you will now need to purchase the right size. Here are ways to get the right size:

- Sometimes the user manual will show which paper size is required for the POS printer.

- In your device settings, head to Devices> *Printer Name*> Printing Preferences> Layout; the ideal paper size will be in the drop-down menu.

- You could measure the receipt tray or an old paper roll. There are two convenient sizes, either 2.25 inches or 3.125; buy what is closer to either of these.

How Do You Check the Length of the POS Paper Roll?

Pro tip: Look out for discounts when buying in bulk. Don't buy the longest roll you find.

Some POS machines are small and others big, making your POS paper roll pivotal. If the roll is long, the thicker it will be.

Rolls can be measured using either length or diameter.

After you are done with estimations and know which size of a roll to buy, you should get it for the receipt printer. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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