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Should My Business Use Custom Receipts? - POSpaper.com

Should My Business Use Custom Receipts?

Should My Business Use Custom Receipts?

What sets your business apart? Your customers’ experience! Customer experience starts the moment someone comes in contact with your business (whether digitally, or in-person), to the feeling the customer is left with when they use your product or service. Add to your customer experience with custom receipts! 

What should you put on a custom receipt?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom receipts. You can add a coupon to entice customers to return. You should add your contact information in the event that someone should need to contact your store. Adding the date and time is standard practice and proves useful for both the customer and the store. Adding your business’ return policy is helpful to answer questions before they arise. Adding a “Thank You!” is a way of showing your appreciation! Get creative and stand out!

Best paper for Custom Receipts

Using a high quality paper leaves a customer impressed with your service until the very end of your interaction with them. Check out these custom Printed Thermal Paper Rolls to help your company grow.

Custom receipts are a great option for companies who want to offer the best to their customers. Use the highly economical Custom Printed Thermal Paper for your receipts that also let you print the logo of your company and several other details you’d like. 

How can I order custom receipts? 

Place your order with us here. Within 24 hours, one of our designers will contact you. We will send you a list of items that we will need to process your order (artwork guide, color selection sheet, roll printing direction chart, etc.), and we do the rest!

How much do custom receipts cost to set up? 

NOTHING! Stay away from high set up costs. Actually, POS paper offers free printing plates! Prices include standard short run program ink colors and all set up charges. Special ink colors are available for orders of 10 cartons or more but will require $30.00 additional fee for set up and ink cost.

Get started gaining brand exposure with your custom receipts today!

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