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Poly Thermal Ultrasound Paper: A High-Quality Solution - POSpaper.com

Poly Thermal Ultrasound Paper: A High-Quality Solution

One of the most prized keepsakes of a new mother-to-be is that first ultrasound printout that shows her little one in utero. You’ve surely seen an expectant mother excitedly showing them off to friends or family. If you are someone that works in healthcare supplies, you know the importance of having affordable yet high-quality paper for printing ultrasound images. However, you may be struggling to find a product that meets your needs while staying within your budget. The solution to this is polythermal ultrasound paper.

What is Polythermal Ultrasound Paper? 

Polythermal ultrasound paper is a type of paper that is covered with a fine coating of a material that is carefully created to change color when it is exposed to heat. It is utilized in thermal printers where the heat from the print head’s pins serves to activate chemical reactions in the pigment on the paper. 

When these pigments are activated, they change color, ultimately creating the image of the ultrasound on the paper. Thus, the term “polythermal” refers to the fact that the coating on the paper is heat-sensitive

What are the Benefits of Using Polythermal Ultrasound Paper? 

Affordability. Anyone who oversees ordering healthcare supplies knows that cost is always a critical factor. This is one of the reasons why people love this type of ultrasound paper. It is incredibly affordable and will help ensure that you can meet your facility’s budgetary needs. 

Quality. The other thing that is important when choosing ultrasound supplies is their quality. Poly thermal ultrasound paper is an excellent choice because it creates a vivid image that is highly accurate. The benefit of heat activation is you don’t have to worry about issues with inks or printing errors. You’ll get a quality image every single time. 

Longevity. When dealing with ultrasound supplies, you know that the pictures produced are ones that parents will want to preserve. They often find themselves in baby books or other collections of memories. Fortunately, when kept in a temperature-controlled environment, images on polythermal ultrasound paper will last for ages. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best option of ultrasound paper for your facility, look no further than high-quality polythermal ultrasound paper. This is a truly affordable solution that will meet all of your requirements in terms of quality. It is a great investment for your business and for the clients you serve. 

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