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Mobile Receipts: How to Print Receipts from My Mobile Device

Mobile Receipts: How to Print Receipts from My Mobile Device

Technology is a great way to help streamline your business. There are many tools that can be leveraged to make you more efficient and profitable. A great tool for many people is a mobile receipt printer, which is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after business supplies. 

Mobile receipt printers allow you to provide receipts to customers from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone. With many small businesses, cafes, and food trucks using tablets and other tools to take payment, printing a mobile receipt is an effective way to function. Let’s take a look at how to do this. 

Setup Your Mobile Receipt Printer

The first step of the process involves setting up your new mobile receipt printer. Fortunately, the setup is quite easy for most models. Simply follow the instructions that come with it. You’ll plug it in, follow a few quick steps, and be ready to go.

Zebra ZQ520 Portable Label Printer (4"), BT4.0


Load Mobile Receipt Paper

Printing mobile receipts is very convenient, but you do need one important supply – mobile receipt paper. Fortunately, you can get this and other business supplies easily from POS Paper. Simply take out a new roll of the mobile receipt printer and load it into your printer. Once you have it loaded, you are ready to print. 

Connect Your Device with Bluetooth

Mobile receipt printers use Bluetooth in order to communicate with other devices. Take your phone, laptop, tablet, or another device that you are using to conduct business and navigate to your Bluetooth settings. Here, you will be able to search for nearby devices. Find your new mobile printer and pair your device with it. The specific process may be a bit different depending on what type of device you are connecting to your printer but should be fairly straightforward. It will notify you when the device is successfully paired. 

Print a Test Receipt

To give you a bit of peace of mind, it might be useful to print a test receipt. This will allow you to make sure all of the bugs are worked out before actually working with customers. Simply print a receipt like you normally would using whatever e-commerce software you use to make sales. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should see your printer spring to life and print a test receipt. 

4" x 80' Premium Heavy Thermal Paper for Zebra (36 rolls/case), LD-R4KN5B


Trust POS Paper for Hardware, Business Supplies, & Other Needs

Whether you need a mobile receipt printer, mobile receipt paper, or other business supplies, you can always trust POS Paper as the best source to get quality products at affordable pricing with fast shipping. We are happy to be your leading mobile receipt paper supplier.
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