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Keeping Your Business Safe During Flu Season - POSpaper.com

Keeping Your Business Safe During Flu Season

Let’s face it: business has not been the same since Covid-19, and probably never will. One thing we’ve all learned how to do is prevent the spread of disease using virus protection. This is important for more than just stopping Covid-19; this year more than ever, it is necessary to prevent the dreaded flu season. 

The best ways to ensure safety for your business during flu season include stocking up on protective equipment, being proactive with cleanliness and sanitation, and more. Keep your business safe during flu season with POS paper's virus protection products.

Stocking Up on Virus Protection

Protecting your business involves protecting the many different aspects that go into it, from the products themselves to the customers coming through the door. The best way to prevent the spread of both Covid-19 and the flu through your business is to stock up as soon as possible with protective gear such as face masks and plexiglass shields. 

If you can, try having extra face masks on hand in case the ones worn by yourself or employees become damaged. These will also be helpful if customers enter your business who have forgotten to wear a mask or have damaged their own. It is also important to remember that face masks must be cycled out and cannot be worn forever; having a big supply will help everyone in the long run.

Plexiglass shields are a huge help in virus protection for employees. Since employees are what keeps a business running, it is important that none of them fall sick with the flu. Plexiglass shields work like giant face masks and shield them from the potential spread of illness that can come from Covid-19 or the average flu season.

Try ordering your protective equipment in bulk from a company like PosPaper, which provides dry goods at reasonable prices. The equipment can be shipped to you quickly and used to ensure everyone who enters your business will not be spreading illness.

Keeping Yourself (and Others) Safe

Of course, face masks and plexiglass shields are not the only things needed for virus protection. Safety is essential for your business during the flu season, and can be accomplished through sanitation and frequent cleaning. Offering hand sanitizer to customers or encouraging employees to sanitize their hands after handling money or credit cards is a good way to start. 

Casual touch can be more dangerous than it appears. Picture this: a customer sick with the flu enters with unclean hands and touches a few products left on the shelf. These products can easily infect someone else who touches them without thinking and rubs their eyes or face. Products and commonly touched areas such as door handles or the bathroom sink should be sanitized often to prevent this. 

Customers or employees can also use napkins or other small guards to prevent from actually touching products until there is no longer a chance of anyone else touching it. Products like napkins/other guards and hand sanitizer can also be supplied by POSPaper whenever it is needed. Whether it is Covid-19 or the flu, your business should always be protected.

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