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Does Thermal Paper Go Bad? - POSpaper.com

Does Thermal Paper Go Bad?

Does thermal paper go bad or deteriorate? Thermal paper can be a real lifesaver and help your business to produce printed documents quickly and quietly using machines that work at the speed and quality that you expect. 

In order to reap these benefits, it’s crucial that you store your thermal paper in the correct conditions to help keep it looking as perfect as it did when it arrived. Our thermal paper is BPA-free and is ready to be shipped for $0 if you order $35 worth of products or more. You can find it right here.

Here are our 4 top tips to on storing thermal paper correctly.

1. Storage Conditions

If given the correct storage conditions, most thermal paper can be stored for up to three years before being printed on. Why does thermal paper have a shorter shelflife than bond paper? The reason for the shorter lifespan of thermal paper is due to the chemical makeup of the thermal paper itself. 

If you’re careful to store your thermal paper in the right conditions, it has every chance of longevity. The main things to consider in the storage of your product are heat, sunlight and humidity. Keeping your thermal paper in a cool, dark and dry place, such as a storage cupboard and well out of the way of direct sunlight, will help to keep your paper looking at its best.

2. Interactive Agents

The next thing to consider when storing thermal paper are what you are storing your thermal paper next to and what is around it. It is also best to not store your thermal paper in cellophane or shrink wrap. 

You should aim to keep adhesives and paper that has had ink printed onto it well away from your thermal paper, as both of these can interact with the thermal paper. Any oils or liquids should also be kept well away from your thermal paper.

A good rule to follow is to ensure that there isn’t anything stored nearby that is a liquid of any kind, or anything that contains chemicals or gases that may interact with your thermal paper.

3. Maintain Your Thermal Printer

Another common mistake with thermal paper is the way that we care for and maintain our thermal printers. It’s really important to have a regular maintenance schedule for your thermal printer to ensure that they are working as they should and that they are cleaned where necessary. 

Both dust and lint can wreak havoc during the printing process and cause you to lose the crisp, clean print that you’re used to. Research the best way to either maintain your printer personally or through using a professional – it’ll save you big dollar bills in the long-run!

4. Keep Copies

Keeping copies of what has been printed on to thermal paper is also a great way to do your due diligence and avoid costly—or impossible—recovery processes.

Scan any important documents into your scanner and keep those puppies stored safely on a hard drive, allowing you to duplicate the documents when necessary.

That’s all folks…

We hope you found this article useful, please feel free to share it with your colleagues.


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