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Does My Business Need 3-Ply Carbonless Paper Rolls?

Depending on the particular needs of your business and your customers, you might require a specific type of paper roll to handle your transactions. Although single-ply paper rolls are the norm for most POS systems, some businesses require two, or three-ply rolls depending on how many copies are needed.

Of course, some of this comes down to personal discretion, but 3-ply receipt paper is some of the most durable and adaptable paper for POS systems. This article will dive into the facts behind 3-ply carbonless paper rolls and if they're a necessity for your particular business.

The Benefits of 3-Ply Receipt Paper

Sure, single ply receipt paper may do the job, but it's not as helpful if you're looking for multiple copies of the transaction. Used for all types of transactions, 3-ply receipt paper is excellent for quickly printing multiple copies of the same transaction information. One of the best benefits of this paper is that the customer, cashier, and business can all have a copy of the transaction information. This helps avoid any possible confusion between the customer, the business, and the employees. Moreover, they're an excellent selection for impact printers, as the chemical reaction in the 3-ply paper will produce a copy of the information on all three sides. 

Aside from the paper’s printing benefits, it’s also considered much more durable than single-ply and provides reliable efficiency that business owners and customers love. You’ll be able to save time by printing multiple copies at once, and it serves as visual and tangible proof of the transaction for both sides.

Although many different kinds of receipt paper can get the job done, not many offer the durability and efficiency that 3-ply does. It may not be the best fit for every type of business, but if you like to have multiple copies on hand, or if it’s simply a necessity for your business operations, 3-ply paper is the way to go.

The Best Source for 3-Play Paper Rolls

It's essential to remember that not all paper receipt suppliers are the same, nor are the quality of each paper roll. These factors are more vital than you think, as choosing the wrong size or material can lead to complications with your POS system. It doesn't take much for your receipts to come out missing print or tear from being too thin. Choosing us as your go-to choice for 3-ply paper rolls and all of the business supplies you might need will ensure top-quality materials and customer service with every purchase.

You'll find that we have one of the widest selections on the market, and we also come with plenty of know-how on the needs of a small or large business. We really excel in the quality of our products as they boast the reliability and material durability to keep you and your customers happy without fail. Make sure to take a look at our complete list of supplies for your business and POS system to find the right equipment that'll keep your business operational without fail.

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