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Digital vs. Paper Receipts: The Future of Thermal Receipt Paper - POSpaper.com

Digital vs. Paper Receipts: The Future of Thermal Receipt Paper

With improvements in technology, business supplies are changing. Digital file storage has greatly changed many aspects of how we do business. However, one thing that has surprisingly stayed the same is the need for receipt paper. Why is thermal receipt paper still important in an increasingly digital society? Let’s take a look. 

Long-Term Record Keeping

Digital receipts are convenient in that they do not take up much space. However, when it comes to long-term storage for record-keeping, they aren’t always the best fit. There are several problems with this. First, it is very easy to misplace digital receipts and forget what device or folder they are stored in. Additionally, there is the possibility of accidentally deleting them or throwing them away. Thermal receipts provide a tangible record that is fairly dependable. 

People Often Skip Digital Receipts

Having proof of purchase is important for many reasons. Whether a customer wants to return or exchange an item, or they need proof of the warranty, having a receipt is important. However, many customers will select the option to decline a digital receipt when presented with it because they don’t want more emails cluttering their inboxes. This can create a problem that is easily overcome by providing them with a paper receipt with POS paper. 

Promotes Good Information Security

Information security is a common topic in the news given the incidents of hacking that occur with greater frequency. Holding digital receipts in a giant database provides a lucrative target for hackers that want to access a customer’s private data. Opting instead to provide tangible receipts on receipt paper is a good strategy for mitigating this issue completely. 

Provides a Double-Check for Mistakes

As accurate as our systems are, there are still opportunities for errors to be made when checking a customer out. With a digital receipt, this may go unnoticed, resulting in additional work after the fact for both the customer and the business. However, having a paper receipt on hand allows for further inspection at the moment of sale, making it more likely that an error is caught quickly. 

POS Paper is the Place for All Your Thermal Receipt Paper Needs

Providing virtually any business supplies you need including thermal receipt paper, POS Paper is your trusted source for easy ordering, affordable pricing, and convenience. Shop our store for your receipt paper needs and other business supplies to keep you on the right track toward delivering great service. 

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