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Choosing the Right Thermal Printer Paper for Your Business - POSpaper.com

Choosing the Right Thermal Printer Paper for Your Business

At POS Paper we have a range of different thermal printer papers and thermal receipt paper to suit your needs and to give your business what it is looking for – documents that are printed quickly and quietly, with a crisp result. Keep reading for tips on choosing the right thermal paper.

Thermal printers tend to be more reliable and require less maintenance than inkjet printers, however, make sure to still look after your printer and give it the TLC that it needs to keep it functioning optimally.

For thermal printing success, be sure to also use our handy 5-point checklist to ensure that you’re choosing the thermal printer paper for you. But first…

What is thermal receipt paper?

Our thermal paper is ‘inkless’ and allows you to print using heat only, due to the invisible chemical layer that reacts when heat is applied to it. Our thermal printer paper comes in a variety of different types to help your company pick the right one.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders and stock eco-friendly thermal printer paper, helping you to make cost-saving, conscious purchases for your business.

Check 1: Thermal sensitivity

Check the heat sensitivity of your printer in order to pick a paper that will react in the necessary way during the printing process. 

The two types of printers are those which require low-sensitivity thermal printer paper and those which require highly sensitive thermal printer paper. Making this check will ensure that you get the end-product you’re looking for.

On our website, we have a ‘compatibility’ tab, which will help you to check if your thermal printer is on the list, and therefore whether it is the correct fit or not.

Check 2: The Dimensions

As thermal printer paper comes in a variety of different sizes, it is important to check that the dimensions of the paper are right for your machine. For example, if you are using a counter-top thermal receipt printer, you will need receipt paper that is 80mm by 80mm.

For a handheld or mobile thermal printer, you will need thermal printing paper that is in the region of 57mm by 30mm.

Further to this, the roll size itself also plays a part as your thermal printer paper roll will need to nestle snugly within the device itself. If it’s too large, you’ll have a problem on your hands, so be sure to check this.

Make sure that you check the length, core size, roll length and compatible roll diameter for printing bliss.

Check 3: The Look

Many people think that thermal printer paper only comes in one color, but at POSpaper we have a number of fun colors to try. You can check them out here.

Check 4: The Applicability 

Did you know that thermal printer paper also comes in sticky back varieties? This is a lifesaver for businesses that are looking to print high-volumes of labels in a cost-effective way. We also sell colored varieties of sticky back thermal printer paper.

To have a look at the range, click here.

Check 5: Your Business Needs

As many businesses are now moving towards more eco-friendly options, we are proud to say that much of our thermal printer paper is BPA-free, to help match your business’ ethos and ethics.

Thanks for reading!

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