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Business Supplies Starter Kit: Stock Your Shelves Before You Open - POSpaper.com

Business Supplies Starter Kit: Stock Your Shelves Before You Open

If you’re just a couple of weeks (or days!) away from opening your brand new restaurant, then you might want to go through our business supplies starter kit to make sure that you’re not missing anything.

These basic needs are sometimes overlooked because business owners are usually looking at the big picture while managing. We put together a list of essential business supplies that you should stock up on to make sure that you’re catering to your staffs’ and customers’ needs!

1. Restaurant Menus

This is an obvious one —keeping a well-visible menu is key to any restaurant. But you might want to take some points when it comes to running your restaurant menus.

Depending on the establishment that you run, you might want to keep a good amount of menu copies so there are plenty to go around. If your restaurant is on the fancier side, it’s better to have an excess number of menus rather than keeping your customers waiting.

For diner-style restaurants, it’s optimal to have “feature menus” placed visibly on every table aside from the big one placed by the counter. This will allow you to highlight certain dishes in your restaurant that you want your customers to try.

2. Receipt Paper

If you have a background in the service industry, then you probably already know how frustrating it is to fumble around the back looking for receipt paper rolls when the machine runs out. Receipt paper is an essential business supply!

Keep your shelves well-stocked with receipt paper and you won’t have any trouble! At POS Paper, we have a variety of options to suit your business’ needs. Have an extra box (or two or three) of receipt paper as your emergency stash and always keep this item restocked as needed!

3. Restaurant Crayons

Having little ones in your restaurant doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for both your staff and your customers. Keep the well-entertained to make sure that everyone will enjoy their dining experience.

Stocking with restaurant crayons for everyone to enjoy is a great way to show your restaurant’s hospitality. Buy them in bulk to save money and keep your shelves stocked! You won’t run out of crayons and you’ll always have presentable ones to give to your customer. Of course, don’t forget the coloring sheets!

4. Paper Towels

Since you’re running a restaurant, you want it to be spotless as much as possible. But the mess is really unavoidable —all you can do is to make sure that cleaning will be an easy process.

To do that, stock up on paper towels and place them on areas that are hotspots for a mess. It can be behind the counter, on tables, in common areas, and in the restroom. 

Having paper towels present on each table will also subtly encourage your customers to clean their own small spills and crumbs. For obvious reasons, you would want to always have your restrooms stocked with paper towels and be replaced regularly for your customer’s comfort.

POS Paper can fill your restaurant’s needs!

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