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10 Restaurant Supplies You Forgot You Needed - POSpaper.com

10 Restaurant Supplies You Forgot You Needed

From your favorite diner to rest stops, nearly all eateries need supplies for their daily tasks. Here’s a list of the best 10 restaurant supplies you will need to run your restaurant seamlessly.

Dome Lids for 9" Round Containers


Ideal for restaurants and food trucks that deal with take-out orders, this dome lid is the best match for your existing 9” round foil plans. Where neatly packed orders are key, the dome-shaped lid counts where it matters most.

Restaurant supplies come in all sorts of unique shapes, and the dome shape of this lid shape is perfect for packaging cakes, pies, and more without hurting the final presentation. Flat lids are the leading cause of ruined icing designs apart from compressing food and creating a soggy mess. The dome-shaped lid gives more room to increase serving portions while keeping the delicacy intact.

Aluminum Steam Table Pan


For those who delight in compact packaging for small volume food, the Aluminum Steam Table Pans are your go-to option. Featuring primarily in restaurants, outside parties, and catering events, these steam table pans ensure even heat distribution and superior heat retention, keeping foot streamy at all times.

These unique pans are made of heavy-duty aluminum foil and are the best companion for baking, roasting, storing and serving, freezing, and holding tip-top shape over the event. Most important, when you are through with them, you just toss them into the bin.

Venue w/Stand Fullfold - Control Face

Unique restaurant paper supplies keep your business one step ahead of the pack, and the San Jamar’s Venue™ Venue w/Stand Fullfold - Control Face countertop napkin dispenser is classy and optimized for use in snackbar, pizzeria, or concession stand. Venue™ Napkin Dispenser with Stand is the first choice when it comes to a manifold and full fold countertop napkin dispensing. This one-of-a-kind restaurant supply is snappy in napkin dispensing and prevents customers from waiting in long lines. They also have a built-in overload protection system that safeguards the device from breakdown even in rush hour. A powerful anti-aging face treatment. Formulated with liposome RNA. A powerful cell bio-activator. Provides restorative effect to damaged cells. Valmont Prime Renewing Pack Contains anti-wrinkle peptides and ginseng extract to stimulate microcirculation. Visibly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Fine lines and pores. Absorbs impurities and relaxes facial features. Unveils a softer. Smoother. Brighter. Even-Toned and younger looking complexion.


Countertop Full fold Napkin

Napkins are a must-have feature for all restaurants and food establishments as these allow customers to bite deep into saucy chunks without making a mess. Restaurant napkin dispensers repel grease and are easy to clean. 

San Jamar’s countertop napkin dispenser, sleek and premium, also comes with excellent mechanisms that automatically fold napkins into neat arrangements of up to 300 fullfold napkins.


Ultigrips Puppet Oven Mitt

Safety in the kitchen is paramount, and you cannot overlook sources of heat. The Ultigrips Puppet Oven Mitt keeps your hands cool while you work with hot dishes and utensils. They are fabricated with robust Neoprene material and can stay unfazed in temperature ranging between -109 degrees Fahrenheit to searing 500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 15 seconds. For added protection, the mittens also have Kevlar stitching because you can’t be too careful.


Saf-Check Chlorine Measure w/Thermometer

The Saf-Check® bundles a chlorine measure and thermometer into one tool so staff can conduct regular sanitizer and temperature checks. It is calibrated to ensure constant readings between 0- and 220-degrees Fahrenheit to keep standards as accurate as possible.

By using the straightforward Smart Scale™ guide, workers can keep sanitizer levels to acceptable ranges. A plastic compartment houses a 15-foot test strip roll keeping it off chemicals and splashes. A built-in detachable carabiner and pocket clip allow for portability and easy storage. 


Pizza Bag

If you’re looking for a top-notch pizza delivery service, look no further than the San Jamar’s red nylon insulated pizza delivery bag. This pizza bag has a transparent window used to display the brand logo, labels, and other writing specific to the delivery. Moreover, the bag has a foamy coating of insulation about 1” thick to maintain the food's desired temperature for longer.


2 1/2 Quart Fountain Jar

Store toppings, condiments, garnishes, and more with the 2 ½ Quart Fountain Jar! The jar has adequate capacity to hold customer orders like tomato, lettuce, or onion and condiments such as mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise and keep them standby for later use.

The quart fountain jar is ideally placed at the front of the house to make it easier to put finishing touches on salads and sandwiches, in the bar where you typically garnish beverages, or at the backhouse alongside your condiments and toppings strategically situated for easy reach. It will store and hold toppings and condiments all day, and at the day’s end, washed in the dishwasher for straightforward cleanup.


Narrow Lid Organizer

This 22-gauge 304 stainless steel Narrow Lid Organizer keeps the lid stack firmly in place, therefore, preventing unwanted spills and saving your bottom line in the long run. Whether you’re serving fountain drinks or coffee, this narrow lid organizer is compact and ultra-portable and can rest anywhere on the countertop, making it easier to organize the station as you desire. The narrow lid organizer is among the best restaurant paper supplies, ideal for keeping the workstation free of lid clutter and straws in one neat pack!


Kolor-Cut Cutting Board Storage Stand

Neatly store your cutting boards and Board-Mates nearby for convenient reach with this Kolor-Cut Cutting Board Storage Stand. Intended to keep the working surface neat and tidy, this nimble rack is ideal for saving space while holding as many cutting tools as possible. It is best used for cafes, commercial kitchens, catering services, and many other eating outlets looking to keep the kitchen space neat and tidy.

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