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7-10 Gallon High Density

24" x 24" - 6 micron Trash Bags (1,000 bags/case) - Black
24" x 24" - 6 micron Trash Bags (1,000 bags/case) - Clear

POSPaper.com's 7-10 Gallon High Density Trash Bags offer an affordable solution for a perennial problem: the never-ending stream of trash that people produce. And trash bags and can liners are one thing you don't want to skimp on, because there's nothing worse than a trash bag that leaks when you take it out, spilling trash all over the place, or a leaky can liner that leaves a smelly, gooey residue in your trash can.

That's why POSPaper.com offers high-quality, high-density trash bags. Our trash bags and liners are a full 6 microns thick, affording you the rugged dependability and quality you need to get the job done the first time and every time. We offer our trash bags in a generous 24" x 24" size, black or clear, with 1,000 bags to the case. When you consider our low prices and combine them with our trash bags' high quality, you'll want to stock up on this necessary item.