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Custom Printed Paper Rolls to Give Your Business a Unique Identity

Nothing looks as professional and streamlined as a receipt printed with your business’ logo. We offer a well-equipped variety of custom receipt paper options to help tailor your transaction documents to your company’s unique theme. Customized receipts from POSPaper.com come in up to four colors for vibrant, eye-catching imaging that can display your business’ logo, motto, address, current promotion, coupon or anything else you want to advertise to customers. Our low minimums, state-of-the-art, in-line printing systems and color-matching software make our customized printed paper rolls your business’ smartest possible receipt printing solution. This clever, modern marketing tool can be used to ensure that valuable information — such as your business’ phone number, address, locations, website or return policy — stays with the customer for a memorable and effective advertising option.

Our custom thermal paper rolls use high-tech chemical treatments that rely on heat rather than ink or wax to print important documents, helping your business effectively lower costs for the long-term. These innovative printing paper rolls come in sizes like 3 1/8" and 2 1/4", both designed to help you keep your cash registers, ATMs, credit card machines, portable printers and other POS devices fully stocked and ready to go. Choose from 85 to 273 feet rolls to keep your printing systems well-stocked for the long-term. All of our customized receipt paper options can be ordered in single or multi-color print to help meet your specific design and budgetary requirements. They can also be ordered in packages of five cases (250 rolls), 10 cases (500 rolls), 15 cases (750 rolls) and 30 cases (1,500 rolls), with discounts applied to higher volume orders for the best in cost-effective stocking.

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