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Ultrasound Paper for Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi KP-91HG Ultrasound Rolls (4 rolls/box)
Mitsubishi KP-65HM Ultrasound Rolls (4 rolls/box)
110mm x 18m Ultrasound Paper for Mitsubishi KP-65H (5 rolls/box)

If you're looking for Ultrasound Paper for Mitsubishi, POSPaper.com offers you several choices, including original, Mitsubishi-brand paper as well as high-quality paper made in the U.S. by another manufacturer that can save you money.

POSPaper.com's Mitsubishi KP-91HG is made specifically for P-91W and P-91DW and 93D/W printers. This paper features 115 prints per roll and comes four rolls to the box.

We also offer Mitsubishi KP-65HM paper. This high-contrast blue-dye image paper has been made specifically for the Mitsubishi P-40U, P-63U, P-67U, P-68U and P90U printers. It offers 215 prints per roll and comes four rolls to the box.

If you're looking to save money, consider Mitsubishi KP-65H 110mm x 18mm paper. These high-quality polythermal imaging paper rolls are fully compatible with Sony's UPP-110HD and Mitsubishi's KP-65H. Made in the U.S., they offer substantial savings over name-brand prices.