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Regular 2 Ply Rolls

Boardwalk 2 Ply Toilet Paper (4.5" x 3.0" sheet) (96 rolls)

POSPaper.com has Regular Two-Ply Rolls in stock at an attractive price. Suitable for home, office and other applications, POSPaper.com's Regular Two-Ply Rolls are soft and absorbent. In addition, this toilet paper is safe for sewers and septic systems, saving you money not just up front but also saving expensive visits from the plumber.

These rolls come in quantities of 96 per case, with 500 sheets per roll. Each sheet measures 4.5" x 3". Their two-ply construction means that they supply twice the absorbency of single-ply toilet paper.

POSPaper.com offers our Regular Two-Ply Rolls at our regular, everyday low price. But you can enjoy even greater savings when you buy in bulk. Ordering two or more cases of this high-quality product will save you even more.