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3 1/8" x 660' Heavy Thermal Paper (8 rolls/case)
Tidel & Nextran Comnet 3 1/8" x 430' ATM Heavyweight Thermal Receipt Paper (8 rolls/case) - No Sensemarks
Nextran Comnet - ChungHo Comnet - Series: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4200, 8000; ATM Thermal Heavyweight Paper; 3 1/8 x 450', No Sensemarks (8 rolls/case)
3" x 194' 1-Ply Bond Paper (50 rolls/case)

Designed specially for use with a wide variety of Tidel & Nextran models, these ATM paper rolls deliver crisp, robust printing each and every time. With lengthy, CSI-printed rolls that allow the paper to slide out of the machine without compromising the printed information, these Tidel ATM rolls suit models including Tidel IS1000, IS2000, IS3100, IS3600, IS600 and a variety of others. They’re also suitable for Nextran Comnet-ChungHo Comnet machines including Series 1000, Series 2000, Series 3000 and more.

Each roll of Tidel & Nextran-Comnet ATM paper relies on thermal technology, a highly innovative commercial paper advancement that uses heat technology to draw out ink, eliminating the need for added printing supplies like dyes or wax. The 21# thermal paper uses a more heavyweight construction, ensuring that the information is printed in a secure, durable fashion. Order Tidel ATM rolls in eight-roll multi-packs for a great, low price here at POSPaper.com.