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Important Article about Printer Ribbons

Printer Ribbons Vital To Point-of-sale Success

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POSPaper.com is proud to offer thermal paper rolls, the standard in high print quality for industries across the board, as its signature paper. But we also know that the greatest paper in the world canít make up for sub par printer ribbons. Home to an amazing inventory that also includes paper rolls, credit card supplies, ATM paper, sales slip imprinters, and more, POSPaper.com offers a wide selection of OEM compatible printer ribbons that stand as some of our most popular products and are available for same day shipping. With each printer ribbon engineered for a long life that other companies simply canít match much less exceed, itís no wonder our ribbons are depended upon by some of the largest companies in the country.

Our printer ribbons and cash register ribbons are built not merely to meet but to exceed OEM expectations. Weíve cast our lot with a veritable "whoís who" of the top manufacturers in the imaging supply industry, and the results speak for themselves. Business large and small, including several Fortune 500 companies, depend upon our ribbons for great results every day. Companies with so much on the line each work day donít make such decisions lightly, and their faith in us is a testament to the performance of our products. In the end our clientele has come to expect the consistently high performance that is the hallmark of all our products, and our printer ribbons always deliver.

Each and every one of our printer ribbons and cash register ribbons is built for extended character life, and the secret is in the wrapping. Each ribbon in stock is individually sealed in plastic, which prolongs ink saturation and consequently extends the life of each individual product. And those very products come from the absolute biggest names in the industry. Choose products from names like Epson, Brother, Citizen, IBM, Okidata, Eaton, Hypercom, Verifone, and many more. With so many great names to choose from and prices that are the most affordable on the market, our line of printer ribbons truly is an embarrassment of riches.

POSPaper.comís printer ribbons are yet another example of why weíve become the internetís premier source for Point-of-Sale supplies, paper products, and accessories. Leading companies in the hospitality, retail, banking, gas station, credit card processing, and medical industries look to us to fulfill their needs every day. Join the list of businesses large and small whoíve addressed their point-of-sale needs through our website.

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