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Jacksonville, FL (September 10, 2009) – POSPaper.com, the internet’s premier source for Point of Sale supplies, paper products, and accessories, has expanded its website to include a “Restaurant Supplies” section as well as one stop paper shopping for retailers, banks, casinos, resorts, grocers, and more.  The company, which also offers credit card supplies, ATM paper, sales slip imprinters, printer ribbons, and more, sees the expansion of their product line as a natural evolution in response to the needs of its customers.

In creating a one stop shopping experience for its clients, POS.Paper.com has established a website where clients in industries across the board can purchase most if not all of the items a traditional paper distributor would carry as well as several harder to find items.  Among the items POS.Paper.com stocks in addition to its point of sale products are shopping bags, food storage labels, tissue paper, paper napkins, toilet paper, engineering paper, butcher supplies, price tag guns, and much more.  According Mike Anderson of POSPaper.com, the response has been nothing but positive.”

“We have responded to our customer’s requests by evolving the site from a Point-of-Sale supplies site to a one-stop shop for businesses in any number of industries,” says Anderson.  “The bottom line is that by diversifying and adding to our already extensive catalog we’ve given our customers more options and access to the products they want and need.”

POSPaper.com is the leading Internet provider of Point of Sale paper and supplies in the United States. As such the company provides a variety of point of sale supplies including POS paper rolls, printer ribbons, point of sales printers, thermal paper rolls, bar code scanners, credit card sales slips, cash register ribbons, ATM paper, and kiosk paper. The company also stocks other popular products such as plastic shopping bags, receipt paper, tissue paper, paper napkins, toilet paper, price tag guns, and much more.  With POS thermal rolls that extend print head life and enhance image quality, its paper rolls have become the industry standard in the hospitality, retail, banking, gas station, credit card processing and medical industries.

POSPaper.com invites you to join the list of businesses large and small who’ve addressed their paper needs through their website.  For more information call (904) 737-9989 or visit www.pospaper.com.