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Like so many industries, the paper industry has seen a pronounced move in recent times toward the production of green products. POSPaper.com, the internetís premier source for point of sales supplies, paper products, and accessories, has assumed a leadership role in the continued evolution of environmentally alternatives by offering recycled and environmental friendly paper rolls to its customers. The company, which also offers credit card supplies, ATM paper, sales slip imprinters, printer ribbons and more, is among the first in the industry to promote products that help to reduce wood consumption.

The paper industryís efforts to green up their product lines are a direct response to the desires of the marketplace. Due to this demand, recycled products continue to evolve, offering interested customers a growing number of choices over time and potentially transforming the industry. As these products evolve and prove successful, they also serve as a marketing tool of sorts by spreading the knowledge that green products donít miss a beat in terms of style and performance. The proof, as they say, is in the performance, and when that same great performance is combined with the caveat of environmental soundness green products quickly become a no-brainer.

POSPaper.com currently offers its clientele recycled bond and recycled 2-ply paper rolls as well as recycled inkjet printer rolls, with an eye toward expanding its green line moving forward. Taking a leadership role in the industryís green efforts is a natural for the company, whose product line also includes thermal paper products that have already set an industry standard for performance. According to POSPaper.comís Mike Anderson, the benefits of green products are numerous.

ďAs these products evolve and improve, the upshot is that it offers customers more choices,Ē says Anderson. ďThere is definitely a growing interest in green products in todayís marketplace, and itís our responsibility to respond to it. By assuming a leadership role in introducing these products to the marketplace, we can address packaging needs across the board while inspiring a better business model for our customers.Ē

In business itís all about the bottom line. But as industries evolve there are moments when commerce and whatís good for the planet as a whole can work together. POSPaper.com invites you to learn more about the green products that best suit not only the environment but also your immediate point-of-sale needs. Given the obvious environmental upside of using green products, and given that these products perform beautifully, the only question left is why wouldnít you go green?

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