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Food Scales

44 lb. Flat Top Food Scale (Stainless Steel)
300 lb. Hanging Scales (Sportsman)

POSPaper.com is the online place to shop for paper, for food scales and for a host of other high-quality products at low cost. We offer two food scales that will help you make sure you get the exact weight of the meat you're weighing quickly and accurately.

The 44-lb. Flat Top Stainless Steel Dial Food Scale from POSPaper.com is a handy aid to ensure you're getting just the right amount of meat you want, whether you're preparing it for processing or simply weighing it out in portions for freezing. Its easy-to-read dial can measure from zero to 44 pounds in increments. This extremely accurate scale features a large, flat weighing surface, which makes it simple to weigh anything from small portions to big tubs of meat. Our 44-lb. Stainless Steel Dial Scale's stainless steel construction makes it a snap to clean and fights rust and corrosion. With proper care, this accurate, all-purpose scale will last a lifetime or more.

The 300-lb. Sportsman Hanging Scales from POSPaper.com feature an anodized aluminum body and zinc-plated, heavy-gauge steel hanging and measuring hooks. This product has 5-pound incremental readings and a conversion table that helps you easily figure live weight, dressed weight and estimated meat yield. It's perfect for hunting, big-game fishing, agriculture and many other uses.