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Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing an Important Tool For Businesses

Direct Mail

For many types of businesses, direct mail marketing can be one of the most effective methods of obtaining new customers. The use of direct mail for advertising is continuing to grow, and is expected to make one of the highest gains among national advertisers this year Ė jumping by 8.5 percent to $56.6 billion. Thatís according to a Universal McCann Insiderís Report. In this article, EBA printing, a highly regarded Chicago color printer, Phoenix printing and Milwaukee printing company, will discuss how direct mail may help reach new customers and explore different ways to make direct mail postcards work best for your business,

Probably the most commonly used medium for direct marketing is direct mail, where marketing communications are sent to customers using the United States Postal Service. Direct mail permits the marketer to design marketing pieces in many different formats, depending on the business ownerís needs. At EBA Printing, we specialize in designing and producing many of the most common direct mail marketing materials, such as Phoenix postcard printing, envelope printing, newsletter printing, catalog printing, promotional flyers, brochure printing, restaurant menu, manual booklet printing and real estate postcard printing.

One significant advantage of using direct mail postcards is that because they are already "opened", you don't have to worry that they will get tossed in the trash without being read. Additionally, postcards are less expensive than other types of direct mail thereby potentially increasing your return on investment. A direct mail postcard will typically be two sided, with the information the business owner chooses to market on one side, and the address information on the other. The goal of a direct mail postcard is to catch their attention, generate an immediate or future response (many people will file them away if it is a product or service they utilize regularly). One approach that is often successful is to offer something "free" such as a consultation, a discount on product or services, etc.

The marketing experts at EBA printing will assist you in directing your direct mail advertising campaign to the target audience you want to reach considering geographical factors, demographics, customer interests, product/service type, and your budget. Because the direct mail postcard will be a targeted message going to the selected group of people determined to be the most likely customer base, there is less waste and advertising dollars will go further. Additionally, we will discuss different options regarding mailing post cards such as 1st class, 3rd class (bulk mail), local mailing, or, national mailing, and help you decide which option serves your needs most effectively and economically.

Use EBAís mailing permit at no charge when you do your direct mailing advertising with us. EBA Printing is located 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, 1.5 hours north from Chicago, and holds a sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. EBA is a one-stop shop from design to print and all mail services. Government postage receipts will be faxed or emailed the day your print mail goes out. EBA Printing is approaching an anniversary of fifty successful years in the commercial printing business, providing Milwaukee, Chicago and Phoenix printing services as well as nationally including Dallas, Houston, and New York. EBA Printing is a family owned and operated company and was founded in 1959 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by current company president Ed Bristol. Visit us at ebaprinting.com today!

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