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Diebold Opteva & IX Series 3 1/8" x 2500' ATM Thermal Receipt Paper (4 rolls/case) - 4.8" Repeat Sensemark
Audit roll for Diebold MDS & I Series 3 7/16" x 165' ATM Bond Paper (50 rolls/case)
3 1/8" x 2500' ATM Thermal Receipt Paper (4 rolls/case) - No Sensemarks
Diebold Opteva 500 3 1/8" x 900' ATM Thermal Receipt Paper (4 rolls/case) - No Sensemarks

To help guarantee that your Diebold/Interbold ATM operates smoothly (thereby generating revenue), it's important to keep the receipt paper portal well-stocked. These Interbold/Diebold receipt paper rolls are designed specifically for your high-functioning, high-volume ATMs that need to be constantly supplied. We carry Diebold Cash Source Plus paper, Diebold I Series Paper, Diebold Opteva and IX Paper and tons of other options to fulfill your unique commercial ATM needs.

Diebold/Interbold ATM paper rolls range in size and length, so you can choose between rolls that extend for up to 2,500 feet to keep operations in order. Options also include ATM rolls with or without pre-printed sense marks (SM) where required, plus rolls that use either traditional bond paper or thermal paper, depending on your machine's requirements. At POSPaper.com, we're committed to giving your business tons of stocking and budget-friendly options, so you can find Diebold ATM paper roll packs of 2, 4, 8 and 24 in our selection.