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Credit Card Sales Slips and Imprinters

Sales Slips and Imprinters

Credit card sales slips and imprinters are simple ways of collecting your customers' credit card information and electricity or internet connectivity is not required. We have a wide variety of different credit card slips including 2-part and 3-part slips in addition to truncated slips.

We have many different card imprinters to offer including 2010 Addressograph Bartizan Flatbed Imprinter with dater, 4200 Addressograph Bartizan Portable Imprinter, 4850 Addressograph Bartizan Imprinter and many others. Our company offers a wide range of credit card supplies at reasonable prices so your business can be protected and backed up in case of an emergency. Feel free to purchase these products online or call us if you have any questions about the products listed on this page. Please choose POSPaper.com to not only protect your business but creating a portable solution for credit card processing today!

POSpaper.com carries Credit Card Sales Slips and Credit Card Imprinters commonly used at the Point-of-Sale for manual credit card transactions. There are literally thousands of manual sales transactions every day where merchants find our products vital to their operation. Whether it's for everyday use, backup or chargeback protection, our Credit Card Sales Slips & Credit Card Imprinters are found in a wide range of retail applications. Power outages, POS system failure, phone company issues & trouble connecting to your merchant services provider are leading reasons why businesses that accept credit cards should seriously consider owning a manual credit card imprinter and supply of credit card sales slips. This section of our website is dedicated to our broad line of manual credit card imprinters including flatbed imprinters, portable imprinters, pump handle & electric imprinters.

We carry 2-part, 3-part Sales Slips and several different Imprinters that best suite your application. We also carry a full line of Credit Card Supplies including thermal paper rolls, printer ribbons and swipe cleaning cards.

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