/  Carbonless paper

If your business uses carbonless copy paper to make copies of important documents without the use of electronics, POSPaper.com can help you to save money while keeping your supply closet stocked. Carbonless paper creates a copy of handwriting or mechanical typing by transferring the ink from the top page to the surface of the second page, but it doesn't stain your fingers like the original carbon paper. POSPaper.com carries multiple types of carbonless paper for prices that are much lower than our competitors', and we promise to beat any other retailer's price by 3 percent.

POSPaper.com's continuous pinfeed paper comes with sheets in shades of white, pink and canary. Each package contains 1,670 sheets per color, which equals an impressive 5,010 sheets total. It is made from 20-pound paper that's three-part carbonless for the very best impression quality from one page to the next. POSPaper.com carries this type of carbonless paper in two different sizes to accommodate any business's needs.