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12-16 Gallon

24" x 33" - 6 micron Trash Bags (1,000 bags/case) - Black
24" x 33" - 6 micron Trash Bags (1,000 bags/case) - Clear

The 12-16 Gallon Trash Bags from POSPaper.com won't let you down. That's because they're a full 6 microns thick, which means that they'll hold up under heavy loads, rather than spilling trash all over the place when they're pulled out of a can or leaking smelly, messy gunk in the can while they're still inside it. Besides getting the best-quality, thick 12-16 gallon trash bags from POSPaper.com, you can also rest assured that you're getting the best price. Our low overhead and high efficiency means that we can pass the savings on to you, our customer.

We offer our 12-16 Gallon Trash Bags in two colors: black and clear. Both measure a full 24" by 33", with a 6-micron thick skin to protect against nasty spills. Our trash bags and trash can liners come 1,000 to the case, meaning that you'll enjoy low, bulk costs and won't have to worry about running out of this essential item.