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Thermal Small Tray Packs - FREE SHIPPING!

Highest quality of thermal paper pack

POS Paper brings you an extensive variety of thermal paper at the most affordable price range. Our paper rolls aremade up with superior quality of raw materials which makes this range absolutely durable and efficient for the commercial use. There are variant types and sizes of thermal paper available on our online store. These rolls are widely used in printing ATM, ticketing, medical system, grocery shop and similar purposes. The superior quality of papers also comes in a unique packaging of thermal small tray packs. As, we own a huge experience in supplying an authentic variety of thermal paper rolls to serve all your required commercial needs.

Thermal paper small tray pack- unique and cost effective

The thermal paper is made up with a combination of different chemicals which are octodecylphosphonic acids and fluronleuco dye. This paper is protected with a top layer of chemical which helps in shielding it from the UV lights, grease, water, oils, etc from getting it fade or smudging the printed ink. These thermal paper rolls comes in wide variety and in variant sizes. The thermal tray rolls which comes in a unique packaging makes it more essential and easy to use.

Striking features of thermal paper rolls

  • Robust and sturdy quality of paper
  • Completely cost effective
  • Protected with a layer from UV light, oil, grease, etc
  • Easy and clear printing
  • durable and fine range of paper
  • used for various essential commercial purposes