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Pricing Labels and Pricing Guns

Pricing Labels And Pricing Guns

Pospaper is a top notch firm that sells pricing labels and label guns for your booming industry. We are a trusted company that understands all your business requirements and sells top quality of products to enhance the reputation of your industry.

To generate the price labels on items for sale, price tag guns are used by retailers. This small sized important tool prices the products in a fast and easy way. The Avery pricing guns we offer looks very standard and renders an official look to items offered for sale in the shop. It is an indispensable tool for any business. Our pricing guns are:

  • Relatively light
  • Highly compact for ease of use
  • Made of superior quality and fabric
  • Amazingly durable

Experience Our Hassle Free Services

Our company is also highly dedicated towards rendering quality services. We possess a team of skilled professionals which goes a long way in satisfying our needs and solving all our queries with utmost patience. Our firm has entirely created a process to order all our products online and further we offer great deals for customers who order products in great bulk. We also promise to deliver all the items within one to six business days and if you have any query about the delivery, you can even track the order with the tracking number given by us. With our innumerable services, we give your thoughts a wing to fly high and incur a lot of profit for your business.

So, grab the different varieties of label guns for your retail shop.

Besides our popular products like our thermal paper rolls, cash register paper and printer ribbons, POSpaper.com also sells a full line of 1 line price tag guns, 2 line price tag guns, 3 line price tag guns & labels. Our line of price tag guns and price tag labels are designed to increase productivity while creating less downtime. The easy to load price guns are designed for fast easy price labeling that print crisp, clear labels for excellent legibility. The price guns fit comfortably in your hand for smooth operation and performance. We carry both the Monarch pricing guns and the Garvey pricing guns. Along with the Monarch and Garvey pricing guns, we carry a nice selection of labels for both types and tagging guns. The price labels come in a variety of bright colors and stick securely to merchandise. Whether you're in the store, warehouse, restaurant or anyplace using a Monarch or Garvey product, rest assured you will be satisfied with their performance and reliability.

Both Monarch and Garvey pricing guns/labels are industry leaders that deliver quality products at an affordable price. All price guns are 100% guaranteed and come with a one year warranty. Please click on product images for detailed specifications for each price gun and price labels.