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Designed to ensure that your business gets the return for its buck, our selection of high-quality POS paper rolls is made for efficiency, quality and easy transactions, each and every time. From recycled to custom printed rolls that can be ordered with your business' unique logo, address or motto, POSPaper.com's selection of commercial printing paper is designed to help maximize profits and decrease overhead while giving your customers the quality they deserve.

For the best in quick and hassle-free POS printing, try our thermal receipt rolls. Chemically treated to change the ink's color when it comes into contact with heat, thermal POS paper uses only heat, so there's no need for frustrating and expensive wax or ink. Our high-competence thermal paper can be used in your cash register, mobile printer, ATM, credit card machine, kiosk and a variety of other devices. The highly durable quality of thermal paper ensures that receipts and documents resist fading in UV light. It's also coated with an added layer of material that protects against water, oil or liquid damage, making thermal rolls a great alternative to traditional cash register paper.

We also offer a huge selection of 1- to 3-ply receipt rolls well-equipped for commercial businesses. For the more affordable option, try our smudge-resistant 1-ply bond paper rolls, available in every size imaginable. We also carry 2-ply bond, prescription RX paper, mobile printer rolls and more. For efficient and eco-friendly printing, browse our selection of quality recycled products that are designed to fulfill your commercial need without burdening the environment.

POSPaper.com carries a full line of Thermal Paper Rolls, 1-Ply Bond Paper Rolls, 2-Ply Carbonless, 3-Ply & ATM Paper Rolls. We only sell premium grade thermal paper rolls that extend print head life and offer image quality second to none. POSpaper.com also carries a complete line of Point-of-Sale printer ribbons commonly used in dot-matrix POS printers.

Our products are widely used in the hospitality, retail, banking, gas station, credit card processing and medical industries. Specialty paper rolls such as 2-color thermal paper rolls, pre-printed rolls with logos or return policies & colored thermal paper are also available. In addition to POS POSPaper.com stocks Butcher, Kraft, & Freezer Paper Rolls in various sizes for your large needs.

If your company uses a large volume of paper rolls or if you are a reseller and would like bulk order pricing please contact our sales department at sales@pospaper.com.
On this page you will find many popular paper roll sizes used in Point-of-Sale printers. Please call 1-(877)469-7655 for volume discounts. Orders normally ship within 24 hours and invoicing is available.

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