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Colored Thermal Paper Rolls

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Our selection of excellent-quality colored thermal paper is designed to give your business a cost-effective way to show its true colors. With every color of the rainbow accounted for at POSPaper.com, you can find any color thermal paper you need to match your business' theme or logo. From bright yellow thermal paper to pretty, pink thermal paper, this selection is sure to get your receipt paper wheels spinning. We also carry unique themed receipt paper rolls that display images like a coat hanger (ideal for a dry-cleaning, tailoring or seamstress business) and "thank you" receipt paper that designates the back side of the receipt to thanking your dedicated customers.

Besides the fun, coordinating aspect of colored receipt paper, it also offers bountiful cost-effective and utility-minded benefits. Thermal paper uses a unique layer of chemicals to expose the dye when it comes into contact with heat, so you can eliminate ink, ribbons and wax from your overhead costs. Thermal receipt paper is designed for use with thermal printers and delivers consistent, reliable and robust images print after print. Thermal paper is also designed to be easier to install than traditional receipt rolls, so you can give your customers the quick, quality service they rely on without having to fuss with complicated installation between transactions.

We carry commonly used 3 1/8" colored thermal paper to ensure that our receipt rolls meet the needs of your POS equipment, including ATMs, cash registers, credit card machines and other point of sale devices. Canary receipt paper rolls are especially popular in modern businesses because they offer extra visibility for clear, accurate printing. These colored thermal paper rolls are coated with a top layer that protects the surface from UV fading, grease, fats, water, lard, plasticizers and various similar agents. Each roll also comes with high brightness and a smooth surface for the best quality printing.