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Phenol Free & BPA Free Thermal Paper Rolls

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Our Phenol Free Thermal Paper and our BPA-free thermal paper are designed to effectively reduce the adverse effects of chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) on human health, safeguarding your employees and customers against harmful long-term health conditions. Like all of our high-quality thermal paper, phenol free & BPA-free thermal paper are well-equipped for almost any job and deliver robust, sharp imaging over durable, fade-resistant material without the need for ink.

There is often BPA in thermal paper to act as a color developer to enrich the dye, but because of new, innovative printing systems, BPA is no longer needed to deliver high-definition, fade-free printing. Because BPA, a hormone-altering chemical, can pass from the paper and be absorbed into your skin, it is important to take extra precaution to protect your business from the chemical, which has been linked to reproductive issues, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Our phenol free & BPA-free paper can be used in your cash registers, ATMs, credit card machines and even portable printing devices.

We carry a huge variety of BPA-free receipt paper rolls to meet your business' unique commercial needs, including 3 1/8" BPA-free thermal printing paper that comes in multi-packs of 50 rolls each.