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POSpaper.com carries a full line of Barcode Scanners including scanners from Symbol, Metrologic, Datalogic and Handheld. We also carry a full range of Pricing Guns

Barcode scanners starting changing the way businesses collect information several decades ago. In the beginning and common among grocery stores, the scanning devices started as large flat scanners similar to the flatbed scanners of today but with limited reading capability. Capturing numeric data tied to a product database was an easy way to track inventory and sales for grocery, retail and inductrial applications. The scanning devices were so popular that many other industries started to recognize the potential for barcode scanners including the medical, pharmacy, manufacturing and many other industries that realized the advantage of barcode scanning. The barcode reader has evolved into three main lines of heritage starting with the fixed mount reader, the handheld scanner and reader gates for automatic scanning. These electronic devices specifically read barcodes normally shown on a packaging label or printed on the individual product. Almost all barcode scanners and readers contain decoder circuitry that analyzies the barcode's image data provided by the conductor and sending the barcode's information back to the scanner's ooutput port. There are also several different types of technology including pen type readers, laser scanners, CCD readers and camera based readers. The camera based scanner is a 2D barcode scanner that uses a small camera to capture an image from a barcode. The readers then uses complicated digital image processing techniques to decode the barcode. This camera has hundreds of rows of light sensors set up in a two dimensional array so they can produce an image.

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