/  HP 51604A Compatible Inkjet Cartridge (1 Cartridge)
HP 51604A Compatible Inkjet Cartridge (1 Cartridge)
HP 51604A Compatible Inkjet Cartridge (1 Cartridge)
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This is a Compatible Inkjet Cartridge.

O.E.M. P/N: 51604A
Color: Black
Approx. 300 PGS
Characters: 750,000
Per Box: 1

This Compatible HP Inkjet Cartridge fits:

Addmaster IJ-1000, IJ-2000, IJ-2040, IJ-2050, IJ-3000, IJ-3080, IJ-3160, IJ-9000, Marchant 2001, MicrJET - POS, MJ5000
Addressease ELP, Envelope Toaster
Brother Checkwriter CW-1000, Checkwriter CW-600, CW-1000, CW-600
Business Sys Intl Lasersoft I
Canon BP 10 D, BP 1025 D, BP 12 D, BP 1200 DH, BP 1211 D, BP 1225 D, BP 1400 DH, BP 1400 DL, BP 1425 D, BP 1445 D, BP 25 D, BP 26 D, BP 35 D, BP 36 D, BP 37 D, BP 37 DE, BP 37 DH, BP 47 DH, BP 5020 D, BP 5220 D, BP 5420 D
Casio PJ-10 L, PJ-140L, PJ-160L, PJ-180L, PJ-20 L
Chinon K-116, K-128
Commodore MPS 1270
Comtech Jetwriter 200
Costar Address Express
Data General 6298
Datamega DPN-1800, DPN-1870, DPN-1881
Dataprocess DSA 50
Datasec Corp DSP-225
Diconix/Kodak 150, 150 Plus, 180 si, 300, 300 W, Color 4, M150 Plus
Digital Check Tellerscan 200, Tellerscan 350 EBS
ENC Electronics EJ-105
Epson M-J100 Receipt
Facit J 1200, J 1250
GCC Writemove
GSD Systems Ink JET/5224
HP 2225 A ThinkJet, 2225 B ThinkJet, 2225 C ThinkJet, 2225 D ThinkJet, 2225 ThinkJet, 2227 A QuietJet Plus, 2227 B QuietJet Plus, 2228 A QuietJet, QuietJet, QuietJet Plus, Think Jet
Kohmitech Ink JET Printer
Miltope Corp JET-1 50
NCR - 5890 ATM With Depository, 7728, 7731 Proof Machine, Tellerscan TS 200, Tellerscan TS 210, Tellerscan TS 220, Tellerscan TS 300, Tellerscan TS 400es
Nixdorf MD-16, MD-22
Northern Telecom Displayjet
Olivetti JP 180
Olympia Olyfax 450
Omniprint IJ-200, IJM-200
Panini MY Vision X - Older Versions, S1 Vision
Philips P6622
Siemens MD-16, MD-22
Telecheck Eclipse
Tidemark Corp Address Express
Victor Ink JET Calculator
Westrex Intl. WP-1000

Item #79301IJ

HP 51604A Compatible Inkjet Cartridge (1 Cartridge)

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