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3 1/8" Thermal Paper Rolls

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Whether you need consistent, high-quality printing for your ATM, cash register, mobile printer, credit card machine or any other POS device, our 3 1/8" thermal paper will help your business thrive. As one of the more common sizes of thermal paper rolls, 3 1/8" rolls are typically used with credit card terminals, ATMs and other common POS printing systems. Since they're treated with a chemical layer that exposes coloring when heat treated, thermal paper doesn't need ink or ribbons for robust, clear printing.

Our variety of 3 1/8" thermal paper rolls ranges from BPA-free thermal rolls that don't rely on toxic chemicals to premium thermal paper that can withstand environments including high heat, humidity and extreme cold. We also carry 3 1/8" thermal paper multi-packs, colored thermal paper rolls in blue and pink plus two-sided thermal paper rolls to help conserve paper usage. The best part is, all 3 1/8" printing paper from POSPaper.com features a protective top coating to resist fading, and uses materials that actually improve long-term printhead wear.